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Our Partners

Marketing & Media

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Marketing Mobile - Big Data

Digital technology solution based on "first-party data" oriented to the Mobile experience.

Own base of more than 500MM users, hyper-segmented and with “one to one” contact

Add Conversion

Availability of more than 100 high-demand digital services. Platform As A Service (Paas) for sale, management and promotion of third-party services. Preloaded digital services with quick time to market and no minimums guaranteed .

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Contact Center BPO

Company focused on the development of digitalization of customer service and the sales force. Digital BPO with extensive experience in the development and management of telephone operators for fixed and mobile service and sales, portability, handsets and upselling and crossselling.

Data Driven Creative Solutions

Digital solutions based on new technologies for the optimization of customer service and sales for contact centers with improvement in satisfaction, significant cost savings and reduction in investment for digital customer acquisition

Telecom Industry

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A2P Global Messege Services

Leading company in the management of international A2P messaging. International hub and messaging monetization services. A2P, P2A and P2P services.

Full Mobile Device Management

Credit management service for mobile traffic lending, handset selling financing and other uses. Advanced scoring.

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Inovation Catalist

Platforms and solutions for the operational management of fixed and mobile networks. Inventory management

Fiber optic, television, OSS and NOC management systems.


 Cloud Omnichannel Contact Center Platform

Comprehensive Attention Bot Solution

Virtualized platforms for fixed and mobile networks. Simple core migration from 4G to 5G. Private LTE turnkey systems.

Leading provider of products and services for the management of hospitality, lodging and food services.

Filed Management Services

Filed Management Services

Technology company with extensive experience in digital transformation.

 Oracle Partner.

Development of products and services with agile methodologies.

Credit Scoring provision based on multiple non-traditional variables with Artificial Intelligence to broaden the credit base by reducing risk.

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